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Read about Listenbear

The books:
Written by Merle Levin, these books are to teach children to bear the unbearable. To face the challenges of growing up through following, simple idea, easy for a child to grasp:

Bad things happen, they just DO: But YOU are still YOU!
The bears:
There is a hand-embroidered Listenbear to accompany the stories. These are made in South Africa by disadvantaged women, made and assembled in a professionally sanitized environment, ensuring the international standards of a childs' toy.
Listenbear's "heart":
Each Listenbear has a tiny "heart card" that homeopathically helps children to overcome trauma and difficulties just by holding the bear. See to read more about healing Vortex cards.

Listenbear listens to children of all ages. They can tell him anything - even things that are hard to talk about to anyone else.

Listenbear has learned to be such a good listener through his own life lessons. He knows that growing up can be difficult and that some things are hard to talk about.

In the book "Listenbear learns the Trees' Secret", Listenbear faces the first of many of his "learning-to-listen" adventures. A great wind blows his world apart. The trees teach him about being still and connecting to his inside-smile.