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What can be said to a child who has experienced trauma?  What comfort can be given when there is loss, when there is displacement?  When a child has seen things that no child should ever see, are we powerless to restore wholeness to a self that is shattered?  People of good will and great skill throughout the world are engaged in this challenge.  Now there is little gem of a book that can provide a poweful ray of hope to children in need of such hope.  The "Listenbear" book and CD by Merle Levin tell a simple tale that will help a traumatized child take the first steps toward the restoration of a sense of self and the capacity to bear the unbearable.  Allen Kalpin MD (Canada)

Allen Kalpin MD

Hello, dear Merle,

Thank you for all you gave in the Writing course and in the Pyrinées. You are a great little Angel that reach the hearts with your humble and strong energy. What comes from the heart, goes to the heart, so your words and the energy in them, I carry with me. And yes, a Writer Write.... Strong words.
And thank you for your beautiful book. I have read it and will show it around to spread the message in it. And it inspire me to once again look at my inner, imaginary "friends", Kikki and Lossi.
Love Rita (Norway)